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4 Important Ideas to Clean Up your Computer

With jobless rates going higher and higher, it may not be the time to purchase a brand new computer. However, it can be frustrating to cope with the one you have, particularly if it is maddeningly slow. A few simple steps can fix up your PC so it is downloading or uploading at a normal speed.

Tidy up Disk Space

Old internet files or the file history on your browser could be taking up big chunks of your hard drive. Try deleting all or a significant portion of them to free up space. Empty your recycle bin, delete your download folders, and remove old programs. If there are programs you don't use anymore, why hang on to them? This will free up your hard drive and help to remove fragmented files.

Defragment your PC

Occasionally a file on your computer can fragment, causing long wait times as you are working on your PC. Defragging your computer can put those puzzle pieces of files back together and zip your computer along to shorter wait times. It is a good idea to defrag your computer every couple of months or so, especially when you are downloading a large amount of files or installing multiple programs.

Remove the "Wares"

Three different kinds of "wares", spamware, adware and spyware can be particularly dangerous to your computer. Not only does it increase your chance of getting a virus but pop-up ads and the like are annoying when you are surfing the web. Spamware is a software program used by spammers to gather email lists or generate random web addresses to promote ads they're trying to sell. Spamware can be harmful for your computer because it can act like a trojan (appearing to act helpful, but really gaining unauthorized access to your computer). Adware is also used by spammers. It is a software program that facilitates ads and ad pop-ups to your personal PC. Spyware is the most harmful to your computer. It gathers information about you, your documents, your search history on the internet and can even install various programs without your consent or knowledge. Spyware can worm its way into your computer, eating up your hard drive, opening it up for viruses, and could eventually destroy your computer. How can you get rid of them? Obtain good anti-virus protection software. Two well reviewed and popular choices are: Norton Anti-virus, and AVG Anti-virus. There are many consumer reports available on the internet if you'd like more information about them.

Disable bad sectors

Say what? A sector is a part of your hard drive. If it goes bad, it can also slow down the speed of your PC. Basically hard drives are divided up into platters, and platters have tracks. Without getting too technical on you, a sector is a small section of the track on your hard drive. One sector can go bad, but the rest of the hard drive can still be good. Disabling the sector can save your computer time when it tries to save information to the faulty sector. Follow these steps and see if they help. Clearing out old programs and deleting files may be the only thing you need. Installing anti-virus software can be a huge plus for the future health of your computer. Understanding your computer and knowing how to protect it will keep you and your computer happy.


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