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Easy Ways to Get Rid of IE Error On Page

The Internet Explorer is one of the great ways to browse the internet without the useless package. It's simple and easy to use. However, whenever you see messages like "Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?" or "Internet Explorer Script Error" or "Done, but with Error On Page" it ruins the browsing simplicity it has to offer. You don't need to stand these messages popping on your screen.

Cause of the Error
1. Program error was made by the webpage error.
2. Script fails to run because of a Pop up block. It closes the window too fast, preventing the script to even run.
3. Windows registry defects.

Now that you are aware of the possible causes of the Internet Explorer Error On Page Message, you can attempt to free yourself from this trouble. The first thing to try in getting rid of the errors is to disable the script on your computer. This may be done through the browser settings:
1. Open your Internet Explorer.
2. Go to Internet Options and Select Advanced tab.
3. Click on Disable script debugging.
4. On the same menu, look for "Display a notification about every script error" and uncheck this option.
5. Close Internet Explorer and open a new Internet Explorer browser.

You should also clear your browser cache since different files can remain in your cache, even broken files that can cause an Error On Page Message.
Next, you may also consider the registry problems. Windows registry errors can also be cause of Error On Page message. The registry is responsible for all your computer's functions. If there is a registry key error or keys that are malfunctioning, rest assured this will automatically cause some problems on your computer. If this is the case, you can try cleaning up the registry of your computer. You may do this with the aid of some programs. There are available softwares that can scan and fix registry problems for you.


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