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Error Loading Cmicnfg

Cmicnfg.cpl Function
Cmicnfg.cpl is a process file that belongs to C-Media based soundcards. The file is activated upon the startup and is what's used to configure the control panel applet of your audio's hardware. Even though the program is non-essential, and has a priority rating that is set under low, this process should not be terminated. This file provides an easy access to the C-Media page, and will appear as an icon in the control panel. The Cmicnfg.cpl is listed on Windows as a miscellaneous file. Even if it is not .exe, it follows an executable format if it becomes a part of an ActiveX script.

Cmicnfg.cpl Problems
The problem with Cmicnfg.cpl is that it is extremely vulnerable to viruses. However, being a Windows start up process, should not be disabled. Doing so will cause some essential applications to malfunction.
There are also some infections that camouflage as cmicnfg.cpl. Sometimes, it replaces the original file. You can check it on c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder. If the file located under the folder is specified as a non-Microsoft.exe file, then you should remove this. What is supposedly an audio file could be an infection.

Cmicnfg.cpl Error
This error occurs when failing at the attempt to uninstall a driver for onboard sound which comes with the XP SP2 or Windows update and reinstall the old driver.
Fixing the Cmicnfg.Cpl Error

In order to fix the Cmicnfg.Cpl Error, the application has to be set in order for it not to run on the start up. The program running on the start up will force the computer to find the cpl, which no longer exists and causes the error to begin with.
1. Go to Start.
2. Choose Run
3. Type in "regedit" without quotes.
4. You will see the Registry Edit folder that contains many other subfolders. Delete the cmaudio string from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.

If your sound devices still do not work, follow the next procedure:
1. On the Registry Editor window, click on the computer icon on top.
2. Do a search by hitting the Ctrl+F keys. Type in cmaudio or C-media.
3. Delete all the entries that you can find related to the two.

When these have been done already, go to your Control Panel and uninstall your C-Media WDM driver.

You also need to delete the string from the registry. For this, you can download a registry utility that will scan your registry and remove the string, or repair any malfunctioning keys in your registry.


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