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Sonic Update Manager Error

The moment you take your brand new computer home, it is already packed with applications. Most of these applications are crucial for your computer to function. Some of which though, you will never get to use, and some can just wreak havoc on computer use. One of those useless applications that eventually cause errors is the Sonic Update Manager.

What is the Sonic Update Manager?
The Sonic Update Manager isn't actually a full software. Rather, it is a service that functions with the Sonic RecordNow software. The Sonic RecordNow is an application that allows you to create CDs and DVDs on your computer. Removing this in order to remove the Update Manager isn't the smartest move.
The Problem with Sonic Update Manager
Every time you start your computer, a message from Sonic Update Manager suddenly pops up. The message is a request for you to enter the Sonic CD. The CD unfortunately, does not come in a package along with your computer. Therefore, there are no chances of ever getting rid of the error by providing the CD. Pressing cancel will not solve the problem, and only repeatedly pop up the same message again and again.
How to remove the Sonic Update Manager Error

There are two simple ways to remove with any problems connected to the Sonic Update Manager.
A. Control Panel- If you're lucky, you'll find the program easily on your list. In order to resolve the Update Manager Error, simply:
1. Go to Control Panel
2. Choose Add/Remove Programs
3. Look for the Sonic Update Manager
4. Click Remove. Note: Remember not to remove the Sonic RecordNow software.

1. Go to start.
2. Click on Run
3. Type MSCONFIG and press enter.
4. Clicking on the startup tab will display a list or processes that starts every time you turn on your computer. Uncheck the Sonic Update Manager from the list.

Windows Cleanup
When all attempts have failed in trying to solve your Sonic Update Manager problem, another option is to clean up your windows registry. There are multiple problems that could have just risen due to some inconsistencies caused by your Windows registry.
One of the ways to fix this problem is to use our Cleanup Utility. This will list all the programs found in the registry that have been installed. It will then remove entries in the registry for the program, and prevents that windows installer from reappearing.


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