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The Error 1327 Invalid Drive Dilemma

Error 1327 Invalid Drive

Whenever installing a program created with InstallShield, you may get an error message that states:
Error 1327. Invalid Drive: C:\
Installation ended prematurely because of an error.
Clicking on OK will only quit the Office Setup and prematurely stops your installation.
Before anything, the Error 1327 is due to an invalid drive. The Drive may vary, depending on the computer, but most of the time, they are listed under the drives D and E.
There are several causes for this type of error. The main cause for this though, is the installation on a particular software that was designed with a code transfer path to a drive that does not exist on your computer. The unfortunate thing in this scenario is that there is now way to make the software install under a different drive. The best thing you can do is contact the vendor of the software and see if they can help you out.
Another unknown cause of this error is that your CD ROM or DVD Rom drive letters have accidentally changed. It is possible you changed the drive letter for your hard drive that contains your operating system. It is also possible that a registry key may have an invalid data value entry.
Because Error 1327 has several causes, you may need to look for more than a single solution for your problems. In fact, you need to first, figure out what item on your computer is causing the problem.
Fixing Error 1327- Changing Drive Letters
Depending on your Operating system, there are different ways of fixing this error.

Windows XP and Windows 2000
1. Go your computer's Control Panel.
2. Click on Administrative Tools.
3. Choose Computer Management.
4. Select Disk management
5. Right click on the drive that contains the operating system.
6. Click on Change Drive Letter and Paths.
7. Change it to the original drive, and click OK.

Windows NT
1. Go to Start and click on Run.
2. Open the Disk Administrator by running the dialog box.
3. Type windisk.exe in the Open field, and then click Ok.
4. Identify the drive that contains the operating system to be changed.
5. Right click on the drive letter.
6. Select Assign Drive Letter.
7. In the dialogue box, choose the original drive from the drop down list.
8. Accept changes
9. Restart computer.

Fixing Error 1327- Registry Key

Trying to determine which registry key has encountered the problem is not as easy as doing a file search. You need to be able to scan your Microsoft Registry, and fix the problem. To do so, you could use tools available online, that will automatically scan and repair your registry for you.


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