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What is Chkdsk F

CHKDSK F is short for Checkdisk F, which is a command that checks the New Technology File System (NTFS) as well as the File Allocation Table (FAT) file systems in the drive F. An error disk status report will be delivered after the check. It will also repair the errors or bad sectors found on the volumes of the drive. This is often part of the routinary computer maintenance for system crashes.

Running Chkdsk F
1. Go to the Start Menu and select "Run"
2. Type in "cmd" and press Enter.
3. The Recovery console will be displayed. Type in "chkdksk c:/f" and then press Enter.

Benefits of Chkdsk
The repair function of the chkdsk f is highly valuable. Whenever the volumes on the computer hard drive are repaired, you can utilize the disk space better. This will allow the files to be retrieved faster.

Facts About Chkdsk
1. When running chkdsk, always make sure that the disk is not locked, and that none of the files located on the disk is open. If this is the case, the checkdisk will not be able to make the required repairs. It may also display a false report because of the files opened. When this happens, a message will be displayed asking if you would like to run the task the next time the computer starts. If you select "Y" the task will automatically begin the next time you turn on your computer.
2. Locking the Drive- The disk drive may be locked by typing in "Lock C" at the DOS command.
3. Only a user with Administrator privileges are allowed to run the chkdsk/ f command.
4. Back up all data and create a recovery disk before you run chkdsk f. Because the file allocation table is altered during the progress, there is a risk of data loss after the repairs. A message prompt appears stating that units were lost, and that you have an option of converting those units into files. Selecting "Y" or yes will save the files with the file extension ".chk."


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