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How to Upgrade Your Windows Vista Computer to Windows 7

While many computer users found Windows Vista to be problematic, the reaction to the new Windows 7 operating system has been more positive. If you have an old Windows Vista computer, upgrading it to Windows 7 may provide a more stable platform for your programs, allowing you to get more done in the course of a day.

You should, of course, check the compatibility of your hardware with Windows 7 prior to the upgrade. You can check your hardware compatibility at the Microsoft website, and while there you can also check the minimum specifications for running Windows 7. Keep in mind that Windows 7 will run better if your system has more than the minimum amount of memory and hard drive space required.

Once you have determined that your computer is ready for the upgrade, moving from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is not difficult. Just follow these steps to upgrade your Windows Vista PC to the new Windows 7.
1. Insert the Windows 7 CD in the CD or DVD drive on your computer. Close the CD or DVD drawer and wait for the CD to spin up.
2. Wait for the Windows setup screen to appear. If the Windows screen does not come up, Click the Start button, choose Computer and double-click the drive letter for your CD or DVD drive. Double-click the Setup program to start the upgrade.
3. Click Install. During the installation process the computer will copy the installation files and start to upgrade your system to Windows 7.
4. Answer Yes when prompted to download the latest updates and security patches. Allow those updates to be applied.

It can take several hours for the Windows 7 upgrade to be complete, but you do not have to sit in front of your computer the entire time. You can simply insert the CD and let it run, checking back periodically to see the progress and answer any necessary questions.


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