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What Are Input Devices

An input device is what you use to interact with your computer and, while the keyboard and mouse are by far the most common ways of interacting with a laptop or desktop computer, there are many other input methods. Following is an overview of the various types of input devices and methods which you're likely to come across in the computing world.

1 - Keyboard & Mouse
For years, the keyboard and mouse have been the standard input devices on any desktop or laptop computer and the way programs and operating systems are designed is primarily to accommodate these forms of input. The keyboard, in one form or another, is by far the oldest and simplest input device.

2 - Touch-Screen Monitor
Touch-screen input devices are common in many devices, such as hand-held computers and smartphones. Instead of using a keyboard and mouse, touch-screen devices allow you to use your fingers or a stylus to press buttons on the screen. Many touch-screen devices also support handwriting recognition which automatically converts your handwriting to editable text on the screen. Windows 8 will likely increase the popularity of touch-screen input methods on desktop and laptop computers, due to the fact that its new "Metro" interface is primarily designed for touch-screen input.

3 - Remote Control
In computers, remote controls are usually used in the same way as they are used to control televisions and home entertainment systems. If you purchase a TV card for your computer, it will usually come with a remote control which will allow you to interact with Windows Media Center and other media players to control TV, video and audio playback as well as various other functions.

4 - Speech Recognition
Your microphone can also serve as an input device for controlling your computer. Windows 7 provides advanced speech recognition features which allow you to control the computer with your voice and even dictate emails and documents. It requires some training to learn how to recognize your voice without making lots of errors, but it can be an effective input method nonetheless.

5 - Joysticks
Joysticks and various other similar controllers are common in the world of computer gaming. There are also gaming input devices designed for specific types of video game, such as steering wheels and pedals for playing racing


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