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What Is a Service Pack

Microsoft Windows is a huge operating system and it runs on most of the world's home and business computers. Due to the complexity and size of the operating system, there are inevitably going to be flaws which appear periodically. To address these problems, Microsoft releases small updates as soon as these issues arise. It's very important for the performance, security and reliability of your computer that you regularly update using Windows Update. Windows Update does not just provide updates to fix problems in the operating system, however. It also provides new and updated drivers, additional features, virus definition updates and updates for other Microsoft software installed on your computer.

Once an operating system has been out for some time, there can literally be hundreds of updates available for it. After an operating has been around for some time, Microsoft releases what is called a service pack. Service packs contain all of the updates and features previously released for that version of Windows. All of the updates are contained within one convenient package. Service packs are often integrated into new operating system DVDs as well. For example, since Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has already been out for quite some time, most versions of Windows 7 that you buy in shops will already have the service pack installed.

Service packs are also useful in business environments in which there are many computers connected to the network. Rather than running Windows Update on each computer and using an enormous amount of Internet bandwidth, network administrators can download the entire service pack in the form of a single installation file from Microsoft's website. They can then install it on each computer on the network without even having to connect each one to the Internet.

For those who like to get a perfectly working, well-optimized and customized installation of Windows, it's a great idea to integrate the service pack into a customized Windows installation DVD. There are various tools designed to help you with this. All you need is a genuine Windows 7 DVD and the service pack file, as well as any other updates released since the service pack. The program will integrate the service pack and updates for you and create a customized Windows 7 installation DVD. Once the process is complete, you can install Windows from your custom DVD and, when you log into Windows for the first time, you'll see that Service Pack 1 and any additional updates are already installed.


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