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What is Safe Mode

Sometimes, Windows develops problems which cause your computer to stop working properly. In worst-case scenarios, Windows might not even start up at all and you'll be unable to access any of your files. While you can try the startup repair tool which is accessible by booting up from the Windows DVD, you can also try using Safe Mode to diagnose and fix the problem. Starting up Windows in Safe Mode will disable all non-essential drivers, services and startup programs. In most cases, your computer will be able to start in Safe Mode without a problem, since most of the features of your computer and operating system will be disabled.

Safe Mode is accessible by pressing F8 when you turn on your computer. You need to press the button just before the Windows boot screen appears. You'll be provided with various options for starting up Windows. You can start Safe Mode with or without networking. Without networking, even your network card will be disabled, so you'll be unable to access the Internet. The option to boot into Safe Mode will also appear automatically when you attempt to start up your computer without properly shutting it down first.

Once the computer boots into Safe Mode, you can then attempt to fix the problem or, if you're not sure which hardware, driver or program was causing the problem, you can often find out here. The first place to look is the Event Viewer. In Windows 7, you can start the Event Viewer by typing the name of the application into the start menu search box and pressing Enter. Be aware that many of the errors and warnings you see from the time that Windows booted up into Safe Mode are of no concern. Errors will be reported due to the fact that certain drivers failed to load. This is only due to Safe Mode temporarily disabling them.

Safe Mode is often used for removing malware, especially malware like fake antivirus software which makes it difficult, if not impossible to uninstall the program in the regular way.


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