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How to Change the AutoArchive Setting for a Single Folder

Most of the time you will want your Microsoft Outlook 2007 archive folders to all be stored in the same location. There are times, however, when you would want a single folder to be backed up to a different location than all the rest. For instance, if you have a folder set up for confidential or sensitive emails, you may want to back up those folders to a location that only have to.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 allows you to specify where each individual folder is archived, giving you a greater level of control over your messages. To set the AutoArchive properties for a single folder, just follow these steps.
1. Go to the Navigation Pane and select the folder list.
2. Find the folder you want to archive separately. Right click that folder and choose Properties from the drop-down list.
3. Click the AutoArchive tab.
4. Choose the options you want. Click the Move Old Items To section and use the Browse button to navigate to the spot where you want to back up the selected folder.
5. Repeat the same process for any other folders you want to back up separately.

You can adjust these settings whenever you wish to customize Outlook and keep your files protected. That makes it easy to save the files you need and keep your backup copies safe from both computer crashes and prying eyes.


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