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How to Manually Archive a Folder

Archiving your email in Microsoft Outlook serves two important purposes. For one thing, archiving your emails on a regular basis frees up space on your hard drive or server, allowing you to keep receiving new mail. In addition, archiving your email creates a backup copy you can recover in the event of a problem with your Outlook installation. If you do not already archive your emails, you should start doing so right away.

You can use the settings in Microsoft Outlook to archive all your folders automatically, but it is often better and easier to simply archive the most important folders manually. To manually archive a folder, or set of folders, in Microsoft Outlook 2007, just follow these steps.
1. Click the Go menu and choose Folder List.
2. Click on the folder you want to archive.
3. Go to the File menu and choose Archive from the list.
4. Choose the folders you want to archive. You can choose to archive a single folder, or you can place check boxes next to each of the folders you want to archive.
5. Choose a date range for your archive. You can choose to archive mail older than the date your specify.
6. Click OK to confirm your choices and start the archive process. The amount of time it takes for the archive to complete will depend on the speed of your computer and the amount of mail in the folders you selected.


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