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How to Set the AutoArchive Location

When you install Microsoft Outlook 2007 on your computer, the program automatically uses the C:\Documents and Settings folder to archive your email. This is a convenient location, but it is not necessarily the best choice. If you were to suffer a hard drive crash, it is possible that all of the files on your system, including the ones in the C:\Documents and Settings folder, would become unreadable. If you have access to a network drive or removable hard drive, you can specify that Outlook use that location instead to back up your email.

By default, Microsoft Outlook archives your email every 14 days. You can use the same archive settings you used to change the location to adjust the frequency of archiving as well. This allows you to set your email preferences based on your own needs.

To set the archive properties within Microsoft Outlook 2007, just follow these steps.
1. Click the Tools menu and then Options.
2. Click the Other tab, then AutoArchive.
3. Find the Run AutoArchive Every X Days option and set the number of days between archives.
4. Click the Browse button and navigate to the location where you want to save your email archive.
5. Click OK to confirm your choices and set your archive location.


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