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How to Turn Off the RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007

RSS feeds make it easy for computer users to keep up with the latest news without ever leaving their computer screens. With RSS feeds enabled, users can see a constantly updated ticker from Yahoo, MSN and other news sources. Outlook 2007 users can also enable these RSS feeds within their email and use them to receive news updates throughout the day.

But those constant news updates can easily go from a convenience to an annoyance, and a productivity killing distraction. If you find that your email box is full to overflowing, turning off those constant RSS feeds can stem the tide. Turning off the RSS feeds is not difficult, at least as long as you use the proper steps.
1. Log on to your computer and open Microsoft Outlook.
2. Click the Tools menu and choose Options from the list.
3. Select the Other tab.
4. Click the Advanced Options section.
5. Uncheck the Sync RSS Feeds to the Command Feed List.
6. Click OK twice to save the setting and exit the menu.


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