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Make Microsoft Outlook More Useful with Custom Search Folders

One of the most useful features of Microsoft Outlook is the ability to search through your email for specific keywords and specific senders. With many people getting hundreds of email messages a day, the importance of this function simply cannot be overlooked.

You can make Microsoft Outlook and its search functions even more useful by creating your own custom search folders. Once those search folders are set up, you can invoke them any time you want to find your messages. If you find yourself searching your mail for the same criteria over and over again, setting up a few custom search folders could save you hours of work.

Just use these simple steps to create your own custom search folders in Microsoft Outlook.
1. Use the Ctrl+Shift+P key combination as a shortcut to start building your custom search folders. You can also click the File menu in Outlook 2003 or the Office button in Outlook 2007, then click New and Search Folder.
2. Click Create a Custom Search Folder, then click the Choose button and enter a name in the box.
3. Click the Criteria button and type in the words you want to search for. Choose whether you want to search the subject line only or the subject line and the body of the message.
4. Click More Choices if you want to customize your search folders further. You can search by any number of criteria, from flagged messages to emails from certain senders. You can also limit your search to emails with attachments if you wish.
5. Click the Browse button and check the folders you want to include in your search. Click OK to start your search and see the results.


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