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Never Miss an Email Again - Enhancing the New Message Alert

Microsoft Outlook 2003 has many useful features, including that new mail symbol that pops up to alert you to an incoming message. Unfortunately that message appears for only a short period of time, and it can be easy to miss the little window.

Fortunately Outlook provides a simple way to change the duration of that notification window. Listed below are the step by step instructions you need to enhance the usefulness of this popular feature.
1) Start by clicking on the Tools toolbar and selecting Options from the drop-down list
2) Click the Preferences tab then click the Email Options button
3) The Email Options dialog box will open. Click the Advanced Email options button
4) When the dialog box opens click on Desktop Alert Settings
5) The Desktop Alert Settings dialog box will open. Simply move the slider bar labeled "Duration" over to the right. The further the slider bar is moved the longer the new mail notification will appear.
6) Click OK on all of the open dialog boxes to close them.
7) Congratulations - you are done!


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