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Typos Be Gone - Let Microsoft Outlook Check Your Spelling

With so much of our communication taking the form of written correspondence proper spelling has never been more important. Whether the document you are preparing is a simple informal email or a formal business proposal, it is vital to use the right words - and to spell those words correctly.

Fortunately for harried business executives and others there is a way to minimize the chance of common spelling mistakes. Microsoft provides a simple and easy to access way for writers to spell check their documents and correct common misspellings on the fly. This incredibly useful but underutilized feature is one of the most powerful parts of Microsoft Outlook.

Turning on the auto correct option within Microsoft Outlook could not be easier. To get started, simply click on the Tools menu and then choose Options from the drop down menu. From there choose the Spelling tab and click on AutoCorrect Options.

From there it is easy to set capitalization rules by simply checking the appropriate checkbox, as well as turning the AutoCorrect entries on or off. Users can simply and easily create their own entries for words they misspell frequently. This powerful function is meant to compliment the built-in automatic corrections Microsoft Outlook has already provided. Simply checking the "Replace Text as You Type" box automatically replaces those frequently misspelled words with the proper entries.


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