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Using Windows Explorer Shortcuts Can Save You Valuable Browsing Time!

Most of us rely on our mouse to help us navigate our way around the work we do on our computers. Most of the time we simply get in the habit of using the mouse to do stuff when we're word processing or surfing the Internet. But, our keyboards come with a variety of real useful shortcuts that can make life easier for us here, even when we're browsing online.

Fact is using keyboard shortcuts can see you using your browser window without hardly ever needing to pick up your mouse. There are loads of different things that you can do via keyboard shortcuts here. Let's take a look at some of the most popular shortcuts you can choose from to make your browsing easier.

1. CTRL + B -- pressing the CTRL and the B keys at the same time will take you direct to your Organize Favorites dialog box.

2. CTRL + E -- the CTRL and the E keys, when pressed together, will take you to your Search function.

3. CTRL + F -- using these keys together will open up your Find box on the page.

4. CTRL + H -- pressing the CTRL and the H keys will open up your History file.

5. CTRL + I -- pressing these keys together will open up your Favorites folder.

6. CTRL+ N -- pressing the CTRL and N keys will open up a copy of your current web page in a new browser window.

7. CTRL + O -- these two buttons will take you to the Open dialog box.

8. CTRL + P -- pressing CTRL + P will take you direct to your Print dialog box.

9. CTRL + R -- these keys will refresh your current browser page.

10. CTRL + W -- pressing these keys together will close down your current window.

11. Home -- the Home button will take you straight back to the top of your browser page.

12. End -- the End button will take you directly to the bottom of your browser page.

13. Page Up/Page Down -- the Page Up and Page Down buttons move the scroll bar on the right hand side of the browser page so that you can go up and down through the text as you like.

So, if you're tired of clicking to get where you need to be then try using your keyboard instead!


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