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How to Eliminate the - Close All Tabs - Prompt in Internet Explorer

Beginning with Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's Web browser now supports tabbed browsing. When a user exits Internet Explorer with multiple tabs open, the browser displays a prompt forcing them to click a "Close All Tabs" button to close the program. This article describes the process of eliminating this prompt so that Internet Explorer closes immediately, even with multiple tabs open.

With the release of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft added the long-awaited feature of tabbed browsing to the well-known Web browser. This feature allows the user to view multiple web pages in the same window, clicking a tab at the top of the window to switch from one to another rather than cluttering the taskbar with several windows. When you close Internet Explorer with multiple tabs open, its default behavior is to ask you to confirm that you want to "Close All Tabs," which can be an inconvenience as it adds to the amount of time needed to close the browser. However, it is possible to disable the "Close All Tabs" message and have Internet Explorer close immediately.

1. Launch Internet Explorer. Open the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options" from the bottom of the list.

2. Open the "Settings" menu by clicking the button in the "Tabs" section of the window.

3. Clear the check from the "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" box under "Enable Tabbed Browsing," near the top of the "Tabbed Browsing Settings" window.

4. Click "OK" in each open window to return to Internet Explorer. Going forward, Internet Explorer no longer displays a prompt asking you to "Close All Tabs" when you exit the browser with multiple tabs open.

Note that you can also disable the "Close All Tabs" message from the prompt itself. When Internet Explorer displays the "Close All Tabs" prompt, click the "Always close all tabs" box, and then click "Close All Tabs." Internet Explorer will not display the message again.

To reverse the changes described in this article and return to displaying the "Close All Tabs" prompt in Internet Explorer, return to the "Tabbed Browsing Settings" window and replace the check in the "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" box.


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