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How to Install Your Favourite Applications in One Hit

Anyone who regularly reinstalls Windows knows just how long the whole process can take. First, you have to back up all of your files and make sure that you have all of the necessary drivers and programs for your fresh installation. When you have to install dozens of applications and updates after installing Windows, you'll often find yourself spending the best part of a day sorting everything out. There are ways to greatly reduce the amount of work involved, however.

Creating a customized Windows installation DVD with all of the latest updates, service packs and drivers integrated is one step to saving a lot of time. Integrating your favourite applications into such a DVD is particularly complicated, however. You'll need to find the silent installation switches for each program so that they can be installed without any user intervention. This is both time consuming and complicated and it's also a lot harder to keep these integrated applications up to date. On the more positive side, it does make the whole process associated with reinstalling Windows considerably faster.

Installing all or most of your favourite applications in one hit, as soon as you've installed and updated Windows saves a lot of time. provides a web-based utility for doing this. The service is free, although there is also a paid option for business users. Supporting a growing collection of more than 90 popular applications, Ninite allows you to choose your favourite software and then download a customized installer for the whole lot.

To get started, simply check the boxes beside your favourite applications. There are choices of web browsers, utilities, media players, productivity programs and more. Once you've chosen all of the programs you want, you then need to click the "Get Installer" button at the bottom of the page. This installer is typically only a few hundred kilobytes in size.

Once the installer is downloaded, all you need to do is run it. Ninite will then automatically download and install all of the applications you selected without requiring any further user intervention. The program will install all of the programs silently. Best of all, Ninite does not install any extra unwanted software. Many applications, for example, try to install extra useless software such as web browser toolbars and other adware. Ninite automatically bypasses this.

Ninite is also useful for keeping your programs up to date. When you run it, it will not reinstall any program that is already on your computer and up to date. It will only update existing programs that require them.

The only disadvantage of Ninite, especially with regards to reinstalling everything on your computer, is that it has to download the programs. If you've got a slow Internet connection, you may find it more suitable to integrate the applications into your Windows DVD. RT Se7en Lite is a program for slipstreaming updates, drivers and applications into any Windows 7 DVD.


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