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Windows 7 - Check the Power on Your Laptop

If you have a Windows 7 laptop, you have a vested interest in knowing how much battery life is remaining, and how efficiently the system is running. Tweaking your laptop to make it more efficient can give you more battery life and help you get more done.

Fortunately, Windows 7 provides a simple way for you to check the efficiency of your laptop. This operating system contains a special hidden tool that users can run to produce an efficiency report on their machines. To run that efficiency report, just follow these steps.
1. Click the Start button and type cmd in the Search box to open a command prompt
2. Type powercfg –energy –output \Folder\Energy_Report.html and press Enter
3. Wait for the process to run. It should take about one minute for Windows 7 to review the efficiency of your laptop.
4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder you specified
5. Open the report and review its recommendations for making your Windows 7 laptop more efficient

You can run this report any time you wish, using its results to fine-tune and tweak your laptop until it is running at peak efficiency.


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