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Windows 7 - How to Access Hidden National Themes

Windows 7 presents various welcome improvements for anyone who likes to customize the look and feel of their desktops. Themes can easily be changed simply by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and clicking "Personalize." A list of available themes will appear. There's also a web link where you can get more themes online. However, default installations of any edition of Windows 7 also include some hidden themes. You will usually find in the "Aero Themes" section of the Personalization window that there's a theme with the name of your country. When Windows knows which country you are in, it will automatically make available the hidden regional theme for your area, if there's one available. Accessing the hidden national themes for other countries is, however, a fairly easy process.

National themes include a slideshow of pictures from that country as well as a distinct sound scheme, such as the "Savana" scheme for South Africa.

1 - Access the Directory Containing the Themes

Open up Windows Explorer. Copy and paste the following directory address into the address bar at the top of the window: C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT. This is necessary, since the "MCT" folder is hidden by default. In this folder, you'll see five subfolders. Contained within these folders are themes for Australia (MCT-AU), Canada (MCT-CA), Great Britain (MCT-GB), United States (MCT-US) and South Africa (MCT-ZA). If you are using a version of Windows in a language other than English, there will be different country themes available.
2 - Select Your Preferred Theme

Choose the folder containing your desired theme. Enter the "Theme" folder within that folder and double-click on the one file in there. The personalization window will appear and your desktop will automatically change to the new theme. Selecting each available theme from the folders above in this manner will make them permanently available in the "My Themes" section of the personalization window.


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