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Windows 7 - How to Change, Add or Remove Your User Account Password

Password-protecting your Windows user account is usually recommendable. On shared computers, it's a good idea to use a password for your account to prevent unauthorized access or unwanted modification of important system settings. Laptop computers should always be password-protected since, due to their very nature, they have a higher chance of getting lost or stolen. You'll usually be prompted to enter a password for your user account when you first install Windows and start it up first time. If you never did this, or you can't remember how you did it, follow these steps to learn how to add or remove a password for your account.

Open the start menu and click "Control Panel." Click "User Accounts and Family Safety" and click "User Accounts" on the next page. Alternatively, you can simply type "User accounts" into the start menu search box and press Enter.

If you do not currently have any password for your user account, click on the link "Create a password for your account." Enter a password and enter it a second time in the box below to confirm it. It's a good idea to create a strong password containing both letters and numbers. Passwords containing a single word are easy to hack using password hacking software. A strong password will be around a dozen characters in length containing letters and numbers. Such a password is practically impossible to hack. So that you minimize the risk of losing access to your account in the event of forgetting the password, enter a password hint as well. Click "Create password" when you're done.

If you want to remove an existing user account password, click "Remove password" back on the User Accounts page of the control panel. You'll be asked to enter your current password before it can be removed. You can also change your password by clicking "Change your password" and entering the old password followed by the new one twice. Be sure to enter a new password hint as well in case you forget your password.

Your changes will take effect immediately.


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