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Windows 7 - How to Change Default Folder Locations

As previous editions of the operating system, Windows 7 provides a set of default user folders for your documents, download, music, videos, pictures and contacts. It's a good idea to use these folders since it helps to keep your personal files organized and accessible only to your user account. The default locations for these files are all contained within the folder for your user account in "C:/Users." If you want to change the default folders, follow the steps below. The following example uses the "Music" folder, but the procedure is exactly the same for changing any other default folder location for your user account.

Open the start menu and click on your user account name in the top-right of the start menu, just beneath your account picture. Right-click on the music folder and click "Properties." Click on the "Location" tab. You'll see the current directory in the text box below. Click "Move" to change it. Browse to the location on your computer that you want to change the directory to. This can be anywhere you want, including on a network hard drive. It is a good idea to avoid using any other user account folders. These include the following: Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, Saved Games and Searches. Attempting to merge the contents of any of these folders can cause problems for some applications which try to access them.

Click "Select Folder" to continue. You will see the new folder location in the text box. Click "OK."

You will be asked if you want to move all of the files contained in the old Music folder to the new location. It's a good idea to do this, since then you won't have any problems finding your old files or losing important data. Click "Yes" when the folder redirection warning appears. Wait for the files to be moved over. From now on, the default music folder will be the new one that you just specified. Repeat the process with any other folders that you want to change for your user account.


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