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Windows 7 - How to Change Drive Letters

Windows 7 automatically assigns drive letters to any drive that you have installed in your computer. This includes hard drives, optical drives and portable drives such as USB pen drives and flash memory cards. You can change the drive letter for any storage device attached to your computer except for the one which Windows 7 is installed on. By default, the main system disk, in which Windows 7 is installed, is labelled as the "C" drive. This is convenient anyway, since most programs, by default, install to the drive with this letter.

Changing a drive letter is a very simple procedure which should only take a few clicks of the mouse. Follow the steps below.

1 - Open the Disk Management Service
In the "Search programs and files" box at the bottom of the start menu, type in "Disk Management." The first option which appears will be "Create and format hard disk partitions." Click on this to open the Disk Management service.

2 - Navigate to the Drive You Want to Change
In the lower pane of the window, you'll see a list of all of the drives currently attached to your computer. You might find it confusing at first if your hard drive(s) seem to be divided into multiple sections. This means that the physical hard drive is divided into multiple partitions. Each partition acts as a separate hard drive. Most new computers, for example, come with a recovery partition. In some cases, this partition won't have a drive letter assigned to it. If this is the case, the drive will not be accessible by Windows Explorer. You should not change this, since this is your system backup if anything goes wrong.
Right-click on the drive or partition which you want to modify and click "Change Drive Letter and Paths."

3 - Changing the Drive Letter
Click the "Change" button in the window which appears. From the drop-down box, you can choose from the available letters. You can choose any available letter that you want. Click "OK" when you are done and click "OK" again to return to the main Disk Management window. You'll now notice that, in Windows Explorer, the drive letter has changed. You can change it again at any time by repeating these steps. Remember to avoid removing the drive letter altogether as without a drive letter, Windows Explorer and many other programs will be unable to access the drive. Only remove the drive letter if you want the drive to remain hidden and inaccessible.


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