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Windows 7 - How to Change Mouse Pointer Schemes

Customizing many aspects of Windows 7 is a quick and straightforward process for the most part. Changing the visual theme, the desktop background, the sound scheme or the screensaver all take just a few clicks of the mouse. Changing the mouse pointer scheme, by contrast, is not quite so obvious. Even when you do find the Mouse Properties section of the control panel, you'll notice that there are very few options to choose from. There's certainly nothing fancy provided with Windows itself. Fortunately, you can download some highly original and attractive mouse pointer sets from the Internet. One resource which has an extensive collection is Deviant Art. Follow this guide to use a new mouse pointer scheme. You don't need to install any third-party software.

To open the Mouse Properties window, type "Mouse" into the start menu search box and press Enter. In the dropdown box underneath "Scheme", you'll see a list of installed mouse schemes on your computer. As you can see, there aren't exactly any exciting options to choose from. There are only pointer schemes which increase the size or colour of the cursor. You can select your own cursors for each individual activity by highlighting the activity and clicking "Browse." However, this takes a long time and is often not very practical. Instead, you can easily install third-party pointer schemes from the Internet. Files in either the CUR (cursor) or the ANI (animated cursor) format are supported.

Close the Mouse Properties window if you're not happy with the available schemes.

Download your preferred mouse pointer scheme from Deviant Art or any other Windows customization site. The file you download will be in the ZIP format or another compressed archive format. Right-click on it and extract it to its own folder. Enter the folder. You should see a list of cursors. Most cursor packages conveniently contain an installation information file called "install.inf" or something similar. If you can't find this, refer to the instructions provided with that cursor package. If you find the installation file, install the icons by right-clicking on the file and clicking "Install." You'll now be able to see the new mouse pointer scheme when you return to the Mouse Properties window. If it doesn't appear, close the Mouse Properties window and open it again. Select the name of the scheme, click "OK" and then click "Yes" if a prompt appears. Your mouse pointer scheme should change immediately.


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