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Windows 7 - How to Change the Boot Screen

The boot screen, including the system resume screen, changes slightly with every new edition of Windows. By default, it comprises the Windows logo and the name of your version of the operating system as well as a small loading animation. One of the more exotic (and complicated) ways of customizing your computer is to change the boot screen to something different. There are many different boot screen images and animations available from various sites on the web. Using them, however, requires you to install a free third-party utility called Windows 7 Boot Uploader.

Before you begin, you should be aware that changing the Windows 7 boot screen requires modifying important system files and things can go wrong. You should always create a system restore point first and still be prepared for taking a risk.

Download and install the freeware utility, Windows 7 Boot Uploader. This tool not only allows you to replace the boot screen animation logo; it also allows you to change the size, colour, font and position of the text as well as the background. You can also modify the Windows 7 resume screen in much the same way. This is the version of the boot screen that you see after hibernation mode.

Start up the program once you've downloaded it. Before you start modifying or replacing the boot screen, you should back up the old one first. Click "File" and click "Save Boot Skin As." Save the default Windows 7 boot skins to a location that you will remember. Once this is done, you can now safely modify or replace the existing boot skin.

Choose either "Static Image" or "Animation" from the drop-down box below "Animation." Choose the image or animation that you want to replace the default animated boot logo. If you're choosing an animation rather than a still image, you'll need to make sure that the animation file that you want to use meets the requirements. You can download suitable boot screen animations for Windows 7 from various customization websites.

The remaining settings allow you to change the background colour and the way that the text is displayed. You can also choose to have no text displayed on the boot screen by choosing "None" from the drop-down box in the "Messages" section.

Repeat the process for the resume screen for when Windows 7 wakes up from hibernation. To access these settings, simply click on the "Resuming" tab towards the top of the application.

When you're happy with your changes, click "Apply" and restart your computer to see the new changes.


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