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Windows 7 - How to Change the Icon for a Drive

While it is not overly complicated to change the icon for one of the drives on your computer, there is no standard way of doing this. Some premium themes that you can buy or download off the Internet change these icons automatically while changing them manually is not immediately obvious. While labelling a drive is simply a matter of selecting it, right-clicking it and clicking "Rename," changing the actual icon requires a few extra steps. Changing the icon is ideal for customizing your computer and making the drive contents more immediately recognizable, especially in cases where you have many hard drives or partitions on your computer. The simplest way to change the drive icon is by creating an "autorun.inf" file in the root directory as explained below. Before you begin, make sure you have an icon available in the ICO format. Although you can use smaller sizes, using an icon of 256 by 256 pixels is optimal, since it will be correctly displayed in all views.

Move the icon file that you want to use to the root direction of the drive. It cannot be located in a subfolder, lest the autorun commands will be unable to find it.

Open Notepad by typing "notepad" into the start menu search box and pressing Enter. In Notepad, enter the following exactly as it is written below:
Icon="name of your icon.ico"
Replace "name of your icon" with the file name of the icon you just placed in the root directory of the drive.
Open the "File" menu and click "Save As." In the drop-down box beside "Save as type," choose "All Files." Enter the name of the file as "autorun.inf." Navigate to the root directory of the drive you want to change the icon for and click "Save."
If you are changing the drive icon for an internal hard drive, you'll need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. If you're changing the icon for a USB flash drive, you only need to remove the device and plug it back in again.
If you decide to restore the default drive icon, you can easily do so at any time by deleting the autorun.inf file. You can also delete the icon file if you no longer want to use it.


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