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Windows 7 - How to Change Your Account Picture

Your Windows 7 user account picture is the icon which appears on the welcome screen as well as in the top-right of the start menu. Adding your own picture can make it quicker to recognise your user account, particularly on computers with lots of user accounts enabled. It's also one of many ways to customize your user account and truly make Windows 7 your own. Adding your own picture is a quick and easy task.

For best results, you`ll want to have a small image which is a perfect square in shape, otherwise it will appear truncated.

Open up the Control Panel. If you don`t see it in the right-hand side of your start menu, type "control" into the search box and press Enter. Click on "User Accounts and Family Safety" and then click on the link "Change your account picture."

You`ll see an extensive selection of thumbnail images to choose from. These are the default user account images included with Windows as well as any extra ones provided by the manufacturer of your computer.

If you want to choose your own image, scroll down the page and click "Browse for more pictures." Navigate to the location of the picture you want to use. All of the most common image formats are supported, including BMP, JPG and GIF. With your chosen picture selected, click "Open." Back on the previous screen, click the button "Change picture." Exit the control panel. Your new user account picture will now appear in your start menu and on the welcome screen.


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