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Windows 7 - How to Connect a Bluetooth Device in Windows 7

Bluetooth technology allows you to access a host of devices, from cell phones and tablets to game controllers, without a wired connection. Since the Windows 7 operating system was developed after bluetooth technology was well established, it provides a fast and easy way for users to connect all those wireless devices.

To connect a bluetooth device to a desktop or laptop running the Windows 7 operating system, just follow these simple steps.
1. Connect the square end of your USB cable to the bluetooth device, and the flat end to a free USB port on your Windows 7 laptop or desktop.
2. Insert the CD that came with your bluetooth device and install the software. The CD should step you through the installation. Reboot the computer when prompted by the software installation.
3. Log back on to your Windows 7 computer and turn on the bluetooth device. Switch the device to discovery mode if it has that capability. Discovery mode allows the device to broadcast its presence to your PC.
4. Click the Start button and choose Devices and Printers. Press the Add a Device button at the top. Wait for Windows 7 to discover the device and install the proper drivers.
5. Enter a password if prompted. You can find the default password on the documentation that came with the bluetooth device. Once you have installed the device you can go back in and change the password to something more secure.


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