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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks - How to Copy Desktop Shortcuts to the All Users Folder

If you are used to copying desktop shortcuts to the Documents and Settings\All Users folder in earlier versions of Windows, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you try the same thing in Windows 7. The new operating system includes additional layers of security, and that extra security will generate an access denied message when you try to copy desktop shortcuts and icons to other users on the computer.

Fortunately, you can still make those shortcuts available to all users by using alternate methods. Copying desktop shortcuts to all users can be very important, especially if you are a PC administrator who needs to make sure all users who subsequently log on to the computer have access to the same programs and icons.

There is a relatively simple way to copy desktop shortcuts to the All Users folder in Windows 7. To accomplish that commonly needed task just use the following steps.
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Go to the Junction Point portion of the window
3. Highlight the shortcut you want to copy to the All Users folder
4. Right-click that shortcut and choose Copy
5. Click the All Users folder in the Junction Point
6. Right-click the Desktop folder under All Users
7. Click Paste to paste the shortcut
8. Enter the administrator password when prompted


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