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Windows 7 - How to Create a New User Account

Many people don't bother making new user accounts even though they have multiple people using their computers. Having an individual user account for each person is far more suitable for shared computers, since it allows each user to customize their own interface, choose their own desktop background and keep their documents, downloads, pictures and other multimedia files separate from others. Keeping a family computer, for example, organized if everyone shares the same account is very difficult. It also makes it less secure, more prone to accidental damage to Windows and system settings and makes the use of parental controls impractical. Creating multiple user accounts is a quick, easy and practical way to keep your computer in a far more organized state as well as make it more user-friendly for everyone concerned. Follow the steps below to create a new user account in Windows 7.

Step 1
Navigate to the Control Panel. You'll either find it in the right-hand side of the start menu or by typing "Control Panel" into the "Search programs and files" at the bottom of the start menu. When the control panel appears, find the section entitled "User Accounts and Family Safety" and click "Add or Remove User Accounts." If a User Account Control prompt appears, just click "OK" to continue or, if necessary, enter the administrator password to get to the next page.

Step 2
Click the "Create a new account" link towards the bottom of the window. Type in a new account name which is not already in use. Assuming you're the owner/administrator of the computer, make a "Standard user" account for anyone else who uses your computer. A standard user will be unable to make system changes, thus greatly reducing the risk of accidental damage to your computer or operating system. Click "Create Account" when done. The new user account will appear in the previous list.

Step 3
You can now customize the new account if you wish. To do this, click on the icon for the new account in the list of user accounts. Here you can change the account name, add a password, change the account user image, establish parental controls and change the account type. Only administrators will be able to change the account type.

Step 4
Log out of Windows. You should now see the new user account and icon in the list on the login screen. You can also log in to multiple accounts simultaneously by locking the account which is currently in use and going to "Switch users" on the login screen. To lock the account currently in use, simply press the Windows Key and "L" on your keyboard.


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