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Windows 7 - How to Disable the Error Beep

As you have probably already noticed, your computer occasionally beeps when you press an incorrect key combination or there's another error detected. The beep is there to alert you of the error, although it can get annoying if you find that it happens regularly. Fortunately, you can easily disable the system beep sound without any complex registry hacks or third-party utilities.

You'll need to access the Device Manager. Unlike in previous editions of Windows, accessing the Device Manager is not quite as obvious as it once was. It's still easy though. Open your start menu and right-click on "Computer" in the right-side pane. Click "Manage." If User Account Control intervenes, just bypass it or enter the administrator password if prompted.

The Computer Management window will appear. In the left-side pane, click "Device Manager." This will open up a list of all of the hardware components and other devices installed on your computer. However, the component which we are looking for is among the hidden devices, so it won't appear in the list under normal circumstances. Click the "View" menu and click "Show hidden devices."

Scroll down the list in the right-side of the Computer Management window and look for an item called "Non-Plug and Play Drivers." Click the small arrow to the left of it to expand the list and display all devices under that category. You should see one called "Beep." Right-click on the item and select "Properties."

In the Properties window, click the "Driver" tab. To stop the component straight away, click the "Stop" button. From the drop-down box under the "Startup" section, choose "Disabled." Click "OK" to save your changes. After restarting your computer, you will never hear the system beep sound again, unless you return to this item and change the setting back to "System." However, you may still hear beep codes shortly after starting your computer. Although these beep codes are used to provide an indication to certain system errors at startup, they are not related and are instead played by the system BIOS.


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