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Windows 7 - How to Download and Use New Desktop Themes

Windows 7 makes it easier than ever to overhaul the look and feel of your entire desktop. With just a few clicks, you can change your desktop theme to provide new desktop background slideshows, window and border colour schemes, screensavers and sound effects. If you are getting bored with your existing desktop and the limited number of options provided by default in a Windows installation, you can download many more online. Follow this guide to learn how to spruce up your desktop with some new themes from Microsoft's official website.

Right-click anywhere on your desktop and click "Personalize." The Personalization section of the control panel will appear. Here you can change not only the desktop background or slideshow; you can also change the colour scheme, system sounds and screensaver. On the front page of the Personalization window, you'll see a list of installed themes. These are conveniently categorized. Any third-party themes which you download from the Internet or themes which you design yourself appear in the section entitled "My Themes" at the top of the page. You can change a desktop theme simply by clicking once on the theme of your choice. A few moments later, your desktop will be transformed.

At the bottom of the "My Themes" section, you'll see the link "Get more themes online." Click on this link to open up your web browser. You'll be automatically directed to the Windows 7 Themes website at While there are many other themes available on other websites, this is one that you can trust. On the Microsoft site, choose your preferred category from the list to the left and then choose your preferred theme from the thumbnail previews to the right. Click on "Download" to download the theme.

Wait for the download to finish. Most themes are quite small and should download in a few minutes, even on slower connections. When the download is complete, open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you store your downloads. Depending on your web browser, the file may open automatically once the download is complete or you can open it manually from within the browser. Open the new theme. A notice will appear and the desktop will be greyed out for a few moments as the theme is being applied.


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