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Windows 7 - How to Get Back the Quick Launch in Windows 7

One of the many common annoyances experienced by those upgrading to Windows 7 is the absence of the Quick Launch section of the taskbar. Windows 7 includes a new feature that allows you to pin a program to the taskbar. This does much the same thing, but there are people who do prefer the old quick launch. Fortunately, getting back the quick launch bar is a quick and easy job.

Right click on the taskbar. Go to the 'toolbars' and select 'new toolbar'. Navigate to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. Click 'select folder' and you will see your quick launch bar appear on the taskbar.

You probably think that it looks rather messy at this point. Right click on the taskbar again and deselect 'lock the taskbar' to unlock it. Right click on the quick launch area (though not on the icons themselves) and deselect 'show text' and 'show title'.

To move the quick launch bar to the left side of the taskbar, simply drag the dotted lines on the left to the other side.

You can also choose to have large icons in the quick launch bar if you prefer. When you are done, right click the taskbar again and select 'lock the taskbar'. You will be able to drag any program, file or folder icons into the quick launch area in the future, just as it was in previous editions of Windows.


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