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Windows 7 - How to Hide the Taskbar Clock

In Windows 7, the system clock is displayed by default on the right-hand side of the taskbar. If you make the taskbar larger by unlocking it and dragging it upwards, the date will also be displayed. If you want to free up space on the taskbar, you can also hide the clock permanently. The following guide will tell you how to do this and how to get it back again if you change your mind later.

Click the small upward-pointing arrow beside the system tray icons and the system clock. Click "Customize." You'll be presented with a control panel page where you can customize your notification area icons. Below the list of options, click the link "Turn system icons on or off." At the top of the next list of items is the "Clock" setting. Underneath "Behaviors," choose "Off" from the drop-down box. Your changes will take effect immediately. Click "OK" to save the new settings and exit the control panel.

It's always useful to have the time displayed on your computer, so you may want to use another option for displaying the system time. Windows 7 includes a selection of small desktop applications known as "gadgets," very similar to the sidebar gadgets in Windows Vista. The clock gadget is a customizable analogue clock that appears on your desktop. To display the clock gadget on your desktop, right-click on the desktop and click "Gadgets." Simply drag the clock gadget out onto the desktop. The clock gadget will appear every time you restart Windows. If you want to remove it, right click on the gadget and click "Close gadget."

Alternatively, you can open Notepad by typing "notepad" into the start menu search box and pressing enter. Pressing F5 in Notepad will insert the current time and date in the text.

If you decide later that you want to display the taskbar clock again, return to the System Icons control panel and choose "On" from the drop-down box. Another way of quickly accessing the System Icons control panel section is to type "Clock" into the start menu search box and click "Show or hide clock icon in the taskbar."


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