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Windows 7 - How to Make a HomeGroup

"HomeGroup" is a new feature in Windows 7 which enables you to quickly and easily set up a small home network and share files and printers across it. For any home which has two or more computers, this provides the most convenient and user-friendly way of connecting those computers and sharing files and printers. Before you begin, ensure that all of your computers are connected to your broadband router or network hub. Aside from just connecting your computer to the Internet, a broadband hub also acts as a network hub for everything connected to it. Every computer in the HomeGroup also needs to be running Windows 7. Although you can also share files and printers with computers running older versions of Windows, the HomeGroup feature is only supported in Windows 7. Follow these simple steps to set up your home network in just a few minutes.

1 – Choose Your Network Type
To be able to use the HomeGroup feature, you'll need to choose "Home network" as the network type. With your computer connected to your router or network hub, go to the "Network and Sharing Center." You can access it by typing this into the start menu search box and pressing Enter. Just beneath where it says "View your active networks," you'll see the name of your connection. If it is not already, click on the link below your connection name, choose "Home network" and click "Close."

2 – Establish a HomeGroup
In the bottom-left of the Network and Sharing Center, you'll see a link to "HomeGroup." Click on it to go to the HomeGroup configuration wizard. Click "Create a HomeGroup" and choose the file type libraries and printers that you want to share by checking the relevant boxes. Click "Next" to continue. Wait a few seconds for Windows 7 to configure your network settings.
You will now be provided with an access key. Write this down on a piece of paper and try not to lose it. Click "Next" when ready. You'll now have another chance to change any settings that you want.

3 – Connecting to Your HomeGroup
To connect to your HomeGroup from any other Windows 7 computer on your network, open the "Computer" option from the start menu on that computer. In the navigation pane on the left-hand side, you'll now see an icon called "Homegroup." All you need to do is enter the password and choose the file types that you want to share from this computer. You will only have to enter the password once.


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