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Windows 7 - How to Make Windows Update Keep Other Programs Updated Too

Windows Update is an important tool for keeping your computer up to date. By default, Windows Update is configured to download and install all important and recommended updates at specified intervals. It's essential to keep your Windows installation up to date, since it will help to keep your computer secure and running optimally. Turning Windows Update off is something you should never do, although you can safely disable automatic updates if you prefer to update your computer manually. Windows Update is also able to download updates for most other Microsoft products installed on your computer. This includes updates for Microsoft Office, Windows Live Essentials and more. By default, this feature is turned off. Follow these steps to configure Windows Update to keep all other Microsoft products on your computer up to date.

Open Windows Update from the "All Programs" section of the start menu or type "Windows Update" into the start menu search box and press Enter. At the bottom of the Windows Update window, you'll see which products you are getting updates for. Windows Update will only keep Windows itself updated by default, so you'll need to enable the Microsoft Update feature to continue.

Beside where it says "Get updates for other Microsoft products," click "Find out more." Windows Update will open the Microsoft Updates site in your default web browser. Check the box to agree to the terms of use and click "Install." If you have a User Account Control prompt, just accept it and enter your administrator password if required. After a few moments, you should receive a message saying that Microsoft Update was successfully installed.

From now on, Windows Update will always check for available updates for all other Microsoft products installed on your computer. They will be downloaded and installed alongside updates for Windows. You will also be offered some additional software downloads if you don't have them already, such as Windows Live Essentials and Microsoft Silverlight.

You can turn off Microsoft Updates at any time by going back to the main page of Windows Update, clicking "Change settings" on the left and unchecking the box beneath "Microsoft Update." Click "OK" to confirm.


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