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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks - How to Modify the User Account Control Settings

User Account Control, or UAC, is where you can go to adjust the warnings you receive from your computer. Many Windows Vista users despised the intrusive nature of the UAC, with its constant warning messages and vague explanations.

The good news is that the UAC in Windows 7 is much easier to use, and much less intrusive. The bad news is that it can still get in the way, especially for experienced users. If you want to tweak the UAC in Windows 7, just follow these steps.
1. Click the Start button and go to the Control Panel
2. Double-click the User Accounts and Family Safety icon
3. Double-click the User Accounts icon
4. Click Change User Account Control settings
5. Move the slider to select the level of protection you want the UAC to provide

The default UAC setting warns you when programs try to make changes to your PC or laptop. The second option performs the same function and provides the same warnings, but it does not dim your desktop like the default option does. The last setting turns off the UAC completely, eliminating those warnings but also reducing the amount of protection you have.


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