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Windows 7 - How to Optimize ClearType

Today, most of the screens that we look at are flat-screen monitors. Whether it's on a portable device or a desktop computer, the old, bulky CRT monitors have all but disappeared in most places. However, with some flat-screens, you may notice that the text is not all that easy or comfortable to read. This is because of the way in which such monitors render text and images. When optimized correctly, however, looking at text on a good quality flat-screen monitor is almost like looking at printed paper.

Microsoft provides a technology known as ClearType. ClearType helps to improve the readability of text on the screen. Windows 7 provides a small and easy-to-use utility to help further optimize ClearType. If you find that you are struggling to comfortably read text on your monitor, follow this guide.

First, type in "ClearType" into the start menu search box. Click "Adjust ClearType text" when it appears at the top of the menu search results. The ClearType tuning wizard will launch.

Ensure that the box beside "Enable ClearType text" is checked and click "Next." The next page will ensure that your monitor is set to its native resolution. This is the default resolution for your specific monitor and the one which it should always be set to. Click "Next" again and continue through the next four steps selecting the image that looks best to you. At the end, click "Finish" and any calibration changes you made will take place instantly.


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