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Windows 7 - How to Pin Programs to the Start Menu or Taskbar

As in previous editions of Windows, installing new programs automatically adds a shortcut or folder containing multiple shortcuts into the start menu. Initially, these shortcuts are only accessible by going to "All Programs" in the start menu. After you start up the program a few times, it will appear in the main section of the start menu where the most frequently used programs are located. However, Windows 7 also provides the option of pinning your favourite programs to the start menu straight away. You can also pin programs to the taskbar. This feature works in a slightly similar fashion to the Quick Launch from Windows Vista and it is particularly useful for providing one-click access to your favourite applications. By default, the Quick Launch bar is disabled in Windows Vista. Follow this guide to learn how to pin any program to the start menu or taskbar.
br> Open your start menu and type in the name of the program that you want to pin to the start menu or taskbar in the start menu search box. When the shortcut to the program you are looking for appears, right-click on it and click "Pin to Start Menu" to add it to the main section of the start menu. From now on, the shortcut will always appear in the top of the start menu above all other shortcuts, regardless of how frequently you use it. To pin the program to the taskbar instead, right-click on the shortcut and click "Pin to taskbar." The program will be permanently pinned to the left-hand side of the taskbar alongside any applications which are currently open.
br> You can also pin a program which is currently open to the taskbar. To do this, simply right-click on the program's icon in the taskbar and click on "Pin the program to the taskbar."
br> To remove a pinned application from either the start menu or the taskbar, right click on the shortcut and click "Unpin from start menu" or "Unpin this program from taskbar" depending on your preferences.


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