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Windows 7 - How to Rearrange the Items on Your Taskbar

Windows 7 displays a number of icons on the taskbar located at the bottom of your screen. These taskbar icons allow you to click on an item and automatically open it, see its properties or perform other functions.

You can make Windows 7 even more useful and intuitive by changing the order of the icons on the taskbar. You can, for instance, move the more frequently used items to a convenient spot, making it easier to open the associated program with the click of a mouse.

To rearrange the items on your Windows 7 taskbar just follow these simple steps.
1. Highlight the taskbar item you want to move
2. Drag the icon to a new spot on the taskbar
3. Release your mouse button and wait for the icon to move into its new location

You can also delete taskbar icons you no longer need by simply right-clicking on the item and choosing Delete from the context menu.
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