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Windows 7 - How to Reformat Your Windows 7 Computer

Reformatting your computer should always be the last resort, since taking that step will wipe out all the files on your hard drive and force you to reinstall your programs from scratch. Before you reformat your Windows 7 computer, you should first exhaust all other options, including cleaning the computer with a virus scanner, removing and reinstalling problematic programs and removing malfunctioning devices and hardware.

If those troubleshooting steps still leave you with a computer that is essentially unusable, you may have no other choice but to reformat the machine. Hopefully you made a good backup before you started experiencing problems. If not you may be able to copy your important files to a thumb drive, DVD or online backup service before you begin.

When you are ready to reformat your Windows 7 computer, just follow these steps.
1. Insert the system restore disk that came with your computer and shut the PC down.
2. Choose the Windows 7 operating system when prompted.
3. Answer Yes when asked if you want to reformat your computer.
4. Confirm that you have read the warning that your hard drive will be erased. Follow the prompts to complete reformatting your computer.
5. Reinstall your programs from the original disks and copy your files from their backup location.


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