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Windows 7 - How to Remove a Printer

When you get a new printer, it is a good idea to delete the old one from your computer. Deleting printers and other hardware you no longer need, can help Windows 7 run faster and more efficiently. Deleting your unneeded printers is easy, and the entire process should take you just a few minutes.

To delete your old printer, just follow these simple steps.
1. Click the Start button
2. Choose Control Panel from the list of options
3. Double-click the Hardware and Sound icon and choose Printers
4. Locate the printer you want to remove. Be sure that you are removing the right printer.
5. Right click on the printer you want to remove
6. Choose Delete from the list of options

If you receive an Access Denied message, or if the printer does not disappear from the list, you may not have administrative rights to the computer. In that case, highlight the printer, hold the Shift key down and press the right mouse button. Choose the Run As option, then type the administrator name and password into the box.


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