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Windows 7 - How to Turn off User Account Control

Although User Account Control was a feature originally introduced in Windows Vista, many people are still not sure how to deactivate it. User Account Control is a powerful security feature included with all editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. While it does have its uses, especially on shared computers, it can be extremely annoying. In all versions of Windows from Vista onwards, User Account Control is turned on by default. When the feature is activated, every time you try to modify any system settings, install drivers or programs, a User Account Control window will pop up. If you're the administrator of the computer, you'll almost certainly want to prevent this from happening, preferably straight after you have installed Windows or you are starting up a new computer for the first time. Follow the steps below to learn how to turn it off.

Open up the start menu and type "UAC" into the start menu search box and press enter. The User Account Control Settings window will appear. Simply drag the bar right down to the lowest setting. Click "OK" to confirm. If you have a password to log in to Windows, you'll need to enter it before continuing. No further action is necessary. You should no longer be pestered by User Account Control prompts!


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