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How to Use the Control Panel

Windows 7 uses a category view for the control panel, similar to the type used in Windows XP .But unlike the Windows XP control panel, there is no classic view option available on the main screen.

That makes it harder to restore the classic control panel look you may be used to from Windows XP, but with a little bit of exploring you may actually find that you prefer the new look of Windows 7. That is because the Windows 7 control panel includes a handy search feature that allows you to find a particular icon quickly, without having to scroll through the icons or guess at where a particular function might be.

For instance, you can simply right-click the Search Control Panel field in the upper right hand corner of the window and type Mouse to instantly find the mouse control function. You can do the same for any control panel function you want to locate.

Of course sometimes you really do want to see the same old control panel that you loved in Windows XP. If you want to see that classic control panel in Windows 7, simply go to the upper right hand corner of the window, just below the Search field. Choose the Large Icons option, then choose View by Menu to see the old classic control panel menu.


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