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Windows 7 - How to Use the Fonts Control Panel

When you open the control panel on your Windows 7 computer, you may notice a number of new icons. One of the most useful of these new icons is the font icon. This icon allows you to view and control all of the fonts on your computer from a central location, giving you a new level of access that was simply not available in earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

To access the font icon on the Windows 7 control panel, simply follow these simple steps.
1. Click the Start button
2. Choose the Appearance and Personalization section
3. Double-click the Fonts icon
4. Click on a font and choose the Show/Hide option to display or hide that font
5. Go to the left hand column of the control panel and click Font Settings
6. Check or uncheck the Hide Fonts Based on Language Settings to control whether or not all fonts are displayed by default
The fonts icon on the control panel gives you the ability to instantly see which typefaces you have available on your computer. That can make everything from choosing the right fonts to designing detailed documents and books a lot easier. If you discover you do not have the font you need, you can add it, either through your favorite word processing program or directly from the operating system.


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