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Windows 7 - How to Use the Problem Steps Recorder

While Problem Steps Recorder is one of the lesser known features of Windows 7, it can be extremely useful when it comes to helping someone with a computer-related problem. It enables you to record what you are doing on the screen in order to solve a problem. Problem Steps Recorder catches each step of the process and then enables you to save it to a file which can then be sent to the person you are attempting to help. It is an ideal tool in the workplace for helping train employees or providing technical support.

The fastest way to start Problem Steps Recorder is by typing "psr" into the start menu search box and pressing Enter. With Problem Steps Loader started, click the "Start Record" button and then proceed to go through the steps to solve the problem. For example, if you want to show someone how to access a specific section of the control panel, just do so as you always would. Problem Steps Recorder will record the process, showing which button, shortcuts and other functions are used. You can pause recording at any time by pressing "Pause Record" and then clicking the button again to resume. Once you're done recording the steps, press "Stop Record."

You will be asked where you want to save the file. The file is stored in the ZIP format, compressed and archived ready for sending over the Internet or elsewhere. The recipient can then open the file contained inside the ZIP archive and it will open with Internet Explorer. They will then be able to view the recorded steps. Detailed descriptions and screenshots will provided. Any buttons, links and windows that you clicked will be highlighted by a green outline, providing a user-friendly walkthrough.

To provide further details, you can also add comments to accompany each step that you record. You can, at any time, while recording steps, click the "Add Comment" button. When you use Problem Steps Recorder, things such as text and passwords typed are not recorded. To add any specific text to the guide, you need to use this "Add Comment" feature. You will then need to highlight the area of the screen which the comment refers to by dragging out a red box over it. Once you've selected the area, type in your comment and press "OK." The recording will continue. Click "Stop Recording" when you're done. You'll be asked to save the file.

There are also some additional settings that you can configure by pressing the arrow button to the right of the Problem Steps Recorder. This is only enabled when you are not recording. You can specify a default output location to prevent the program from asking you each time you finish a recording.


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