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Windows 7 - The Best Free Email Clients for Windows 7

Windows 7, unlike previous versions of Windows, doesn't ship with an email client. If you want a dedicated email client for Windows 7 you'll need to download and install a client yourself.

One option is obviously Windows Live Mail, which can be downloaded and installed on Windows 7 for free. However, Windows Live Mail has a lot of competition. Let's take a look at three alternative Windows 7 email clients which are available for free.

Thunderbird, by Mozilla, is the Firefox of email clients. It provides an extremely robust option which is available for free and is on par with or even better than some paid software.
The greatest strength of Mozilla Thunderbird as a Windows 7 email client is its ability to make organizing your emails easy. Folders are easy to create and specific information can be found quickly by using Thunderbird's powerful search function. Thunderbird also has numerous filter options which make it easier to separate useful email from spam.
The basic interface is also robust. Like the browser, Thunderbird was one of the first email clients to support tabs, which makes it easy to browser multiple emails at once. Thunderbird also is quick. The program takes no time at all to load, and emails can be viewed in a flash.

Opera Email
Opera's email functionality is built into the Opera web browser. Like the web browser, Opera offers a unique feature set which makes it stand out from other options.
The fact that Opera Email is part of the Opera web browser is probably this client's best asset. Opera Email is without question the best Windows 7 email client for users who send or receive emails which are heavy on HTML. HTML heavy emails tend to make other clients drag, but Opera displays these emails without issue. Opera can also quickly display web page links because the browser is already open.
Opera also make extensive use of tabs and other window organization options. You can cascade or tile emails in order to compare contents side-by-side. Opera also opens new emails in a tab rather than in a separate window, which is how most Windows 7 email clients handle this function. The only real problem of Opera Email is that the interface is confusing at first. However, once you become familiar with Opera it proves to be a powerful and flexible Windows 7 email client.

Postbox Express
Not everyone needs their Windows 7 email client to be all-powerful. In fact, it is often better to have an email client which is easy to use rather than one which has many features. Most of the time people spend with email involves either reading messages or sending messages, and neither action requires a complex interface.
This is where Postbox Express shines. This simple email client is extremely easy to start using. Postbox Express's interface is broken up into a column to the left, which displays all of the folders (this is typical for most email clients) and also a toolbar at the top which lists all common actions. Replying to or forwarding a message is always simple and quick. All of the client's functions are clearly labeled and intuitive.
Postbox Express's biggest flaw is performance. The program loads quickly, but emails do tend to load more slowly than they do in Firefox and Opera Email. Even so, Postbox Express is a good option for anyone who wants a simple Windows 7 email client.

Overall, Mozilla Thunderbird is the best free Windows 7 email client available today. It is fast, fairly easy to use, and has powerful filtering and organization tools.
However, Opera and Postbox also have their strong points. If you need a Windows 7 email client you should try all three options and see which works the best for you.


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