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Text on the Screen is too Small-1

If you have difficulty reading the text on your monitor because it's too small, then you should avoid changing the screen resolution to remedy the problem. All flat-screen monitors have an optimal resolution at which the display looks its best. This is often referred to as the native resolution. When you attempt to change the screen resolution in Windows 7, you'll see a recommended resolution. You should always use this. However, with higher-quality, high resolution monitors, it can be difficult to read the text on the screen. Instead of lowering the screen resolution and sacrificing display quality, you can increase the size of all text as it appears on the screen. Changing the following setting affects all areas of the operating system as well as all of your programs.

Right-click anywhere on your desktop and click "Screen Resolution." If you're not using the recommended resolution already, ensure that it's selected and click "Apply" to make the changes take effect. Click the link "Make text and other items larger or smaller." Windows 7 provides two presets by default. By default, "Smaller - 100%" is selected. Select "Medium - 150%" and click "Apply." You will need to log off and log back in again for the changes to take effect. If you still can't see the text, or you don't need it to be quite so large, you can also select a custom value.

If you want to select a custom value, return to the control panel page as explained above and click the link "Set custom text size (DPI)." Choose the lowest value that you are comfortable with. Any value you choose will appear in the main page, so that you can easily select between the various text sizes in the future. Log out and then log in again as required.

If you're using an older CRT monitor, then changing the screen resolution is normally the best way to increase the size of text and everything else on the screen. To change the screen resolution, simply right-click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution." Choose whichever resolution you prefer from the drop-down box beside "Resolution."


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